37. SRM-based LC-MS Method for Detection of Hemoglobin Variants at Hemoglobinopathies Diagnostics
Poster: Tue 2:00-3:00PM
Oksana Gvozdyak
ThermoFisher Scientific
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Changes in hemoglobin capability to transport oxygen result in a number of conditions known as hemoglobinopathies. On the molecular level, the abnormal hemoglobin-coding genes translate into the abnormal amino acid sequences which are specific to different types of the disease. Developed is the qualitative SRM-based LC-MS method which allows for the efficient detection of the affected hemoglobin variance-specific peptides following the in-vitro proteolytic cleavage of hemoglobin. Potentially, this bottom-up proteomics approach can be used to quantify the expression of globin chains to diagnose thalassemias.