41. Multifunctional Core-Shell Nanoparticles Provide a One-Step Solution for the Identification of Elusive Low-Abundance Clinical Biomarkers
Poster: Tue 2:00-3:00PM
Benjamin Lepene
Ceres Nanosciences
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Identification of novel low abundance biomarkers that are indicative of early-stage events that likely exist in the sub-nanogram per milliliter concentration range cannot be readily detected by standard mass spectrometry (MS) technologies. Core-shell hydrogel nanoparticles, or Nanotraps, are a new sample processing solution that can rapidly, in one step, capture, concentrate, and separate the low-molecular-weight biomarkers from high-abundance proteins prior to MS analysis. This presentation highlights the Nanotraps multifunctional enrichment strategy designed to allow for improved detection of clinically relevant biomarkers in complex biofluid matrices using MALDI-TOF MS. Additionally, the Nanotraps’ ability to prevent degradation to analytes stored at elevated temperatures will be presented.