49. Measuring Busulfan in Blood Plasma Using On-Line Extraction Coupled to LC-MS/MS by APCI and HESI
Poster: Tue 2:00-3:00PM
Ryan C. Schofield
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
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We compared a HPLC-APCI-MS/MS method with a HPLC-HESI-MS/MS method for the quantitation of busulfan in plasma utilizing TurboFlow on-line extraction. However, we found that Busulfan could not be measured under APCI conditions using 1,4-Busulfan-D8 as the internal standard due to deuterium exchange, as demonstrated by infusion experiments conducted under both APCI and HESI conditions. Busulfan quantitation by HPLC-HESI-MS/MS using Turboflow was more precise, accurate, and showed no signs of deuterium exchange. We conclude that quantitation of busulfan in plasma by HPLC-HESI-MS/MS is feasible, precise, accurate, and easy to perform using the Aria TLX system with TurboFlow™ methods for on-line extraction.