Should Limitations be Placed on Ownership of Personal Medicine Discoveries? Should Personalized Treatment for an Individual's Genetic or Metabolic Makeup be Classified Differently?
Tue 9:00 AM - Plenary Session
Anthony G. Craig
Sci-Law Strategies, PC
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Should limitations be placed on ownership of personal medicine discoveries? Four patented discoveries: Myriad Genetics patents for breast and ovarian cancer; Metabolite's patent analyzing homocysteine levels to determine vitamin deficiency; Prometheus patent on adjusting levels of an immunosuppressant drug based on LC analysis of the level of metabolites; and Mayo Foundation's patent for determining vitamin deficiency using LC-MS/MS. Is the Myriad patenting of cDNA a lawyer's trick? Does Prometheus transform a drug within the human body? Using patents and court cases, the constitutional, statutory and judicial limitations on patentable subject matter will be reviewed