60. Metlin: A Mass Spectrometry Web Database Application for Metabolite Characterization in Global Unbiased Metabolomics
Poster: Mon 6:30-7:30PM
Kevin Y. Cho
The Scripps Research Institute
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While global unbiased metabolomics has attracted significant interest, metabolite identification remains one of the primary limiting factors in these experiments, largely due to the limited size and usability of currently available metabolite databases. METLIN, a freely accessible web-based data repository, significantly expands not only the size of existing metabolomic databases but also introduces improved functionality (e.g. fragment and spectrum searching), and a dynamic user interface that allows researchers to maximize the value of metabolomic MS and MS/MS data and facilitate identification. The METLIN database currently contains over 25,000 metabolites, and over 3,500 distinct metabolites with 20,000 high-resolution (ESI-QTOF) MS/MS spectra.