72. Validation of SAMHSA Guideline Compliant LC-MS Method for the Newly Expanded NIDA 5 Panel Using Ultra-High Resolution Accurate Mass Exactive Mass Spectrometer
Poster: Tue 6:30-7:30PM
Xiang He
ThermoFisher Scientific
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Recently released SAMHSA guidelines incorporated LC-MS as an approved confirmatory method for federal workplace/transportation workers urine drug testing. We have developed and fully validated an LC-MS method that utilizes Exactive ultra-high resolution accurate mass system to analyze the 11analytes in the NIDA 5 panel. The data on ion suppression removal, LOQ, dynamic range, inter and intra-assay accuracy, precision, interferences, carry-over, recovery will be presented for the validated method. The multiplexed system configuration is capable of analyzing one sample every 5 minutes.