Truth in Measurement – LC/MS/MS in the Clinical Laboratory
Lunch and Learn Industrial Workshop; Monday 12:45 - 1:45
Waters - Register
Executive 2
This workshop will feature lectures from two clinical laboratory managers
whose laboratories have adopted LC/MS for routine clinical testing.

Matthew McMullin MS, DABFT, TC (NRCC) Director of Research and Development from NMS Labs, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania will provide an overview of test transfers methodology and new test development in a toxicology setting.

Dr. Jim Nichols DABCC, FACB, Professor of Pathology, Tufts University School of Medicine and Medical Director, Clinical Chemistry Baystate Medical Center (Springfield, Massachusetts) will discuss the process by which an LC/MS-naïve lab chose this technology for its immunosuppressant TDM service and provide important points to consider when making this switch.

Finally, Kendon Graham Ph.D, MRSC, Clinical Systems Design and Marketing from Waters (Milford, Massachusetts) will provide a vendor’s perspective of the future of LC/MS systems integration to address the needs of today's clinical laboratories.