Building Multidimensional Biomarker Views of Type 2 Diabetes and Comorbidities Based on Protein Microheterogeneity
Tue 11:30 AM - Track 2: Discovery Proteomics
Randall W. Nelson
The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University
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Protein microheterogeneity, as it occurs through healthy and diseased populations, is a largely unexplored area of biomarker development. Here, we used targeted mass spectrometric approaches to view subtle, dynamic changes in the proteome of healthy individuals and patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and related cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Molecular heterogeneity was observed in a number of plasma proteins, and was grouped into panels to create a multidimensional view of healthy – to – T2DM – to – CVD that aligns with disease pathobiologies. Presented are results from viewing T2D and CVD populations that indicate the potential of subtyping individuals within the T2D/CVD continuum.