A Library of 7000 SRM Assays for the Fast, Sensitive and Reproducible Quantification of N-Glycosites in Tissue and Plasma Samples: The N-Glycosite SRM Atlas
Tue 4:00 PM - Track 2: Tissue Analysis
Bernd Wollscheid
Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zurich
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Platforms for the sensitive and reproducible MS-based measurements for sets of proteins over a larger number of samples are critically needed to advance quantitative biological and clinical research. Recent advances in the development of selected reaction monitoring (SRM) platforms now, in principle, make measurements with these attributes a reality. Here, we present the development of a library of verified SRM assays and associated tools for 7000 N-glycosites mapping to 3’298 human proteins. We believe that this informational resource will significantly advance biomarker research by supporting the repetitive, reproducible and sensitive measurement of biomarker candidates in suitably collected serum samples.