Protein Biomarker LC-MS/MS Assays in Translational Pharmacology- from Early Discovery to Proof-of-Concept Clinical Trials
Wed 11:00 AM - Track 1: Biomarkers in Drug Discovery
Hendrik Neubert
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Building on knowledge from preclinical models, translational pharmacology aims to reduce attrition in phase 2 clinical trials through enhanced understanding of human drug targets and drug candidates as well as improved prediction of drug exposure, dose and regimen. Quantitative protein LC-MS/MS plays an increasingly important role in this field for assessment of mechanism biomarkers as well as target biomarkers for biotherapeutic modalities, such as monoclonal antibodies. Furthermore, the LC-MS/MS technology is advancing be a useful 'biomeasurement' tool for determining key parameters that inform systems pharmacology, such as receptor and transporter expression in tissues. Relevant case studies will be presented.