Errors in Bioanalysis Due to Phospholipids - Definitive Measurement, Mechanism, and Management
Wed 2:00 PM - Track 1: Sample Preparation and Automation
Brian Rappold
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It is common knowledge that LC-ESI/MS/MS may suffer from ion suppression due to phospholipids. This presentation will elucidate a model of the mechanism for phospholipid-based ion suppression (PhoBIS) in addition to demonstrating the pitfalls of phospholipid measurement associated with mass spectrometric detection (the self-suppressing conundrum). Quantitation of phospholipids through a stable-labeled isotopic internal standard LC-MS/MS method and inference of PhoBIS impact via post-column infusion experimentation will triangulate those analytical techniques which are susceptible to or free from ion-suppression as a result of phospholipid depletion.