Metabolic Predictors of Insulin Sensitivity Predict Progression to Impaired Glucose Tolerance
Wed 2:30 PM - Track 2: Discovery Metabolomics
Walter Gall
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An unmet medical need exists to have a practical, clinical measurement of insulin resistance in order to identify high-risk patients for more effective lifestyle intervention and metabolic disease prevention. We previously identified biomarkers of insulin sensitivity in a cross-sectional metabolic profiling analysis of subjects in a non-diabetic, healthy population (n=399), based on highly significant correlations to glucose disposal rate as measured by the gold-standard euglycemic clamp. Herein, we describe variable selection and validation of these top-ranking biomarkers as predictors of insulin sensitivity, and their incorporation into an algorithm developed from an expanded analysis of the entire EGIR-RISC nondiabetic cohort (n=1277).