Mass Spectrometry Biotyper System Identifies Enteric Bacterial Pathogens Directly from Colonies Grown on Selective Stool Culture Media
Mon 3:00 PM - Track 3: Microbiology
Yi-Wei Tang
Vanderbilt University
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The MALDI-TOF MS-based Biotyper system was evaluated for the routine identification of enteric bacterial pathogens from suspicious colonies grown on selective stool culture media. A total of 304 suspect colonies were selected and further identified. The Biotyper correctly identified the Salmonella species, Y. enterocolitica, and Campylobacter species, but failed to distinguish the Shigella species and EHEC from E. coli. Among the 236 normal flora, 233 (98.7%) and 228 (96.6%) agreed at the genus and species levels, respectively, between the phenotypic and Biotyper methods. The Biotyper system provides a rapid and simple screening tool for identifying non-E. coli suspect colonies grown on selective media within 24 hours after inoculation.