An Improved Procedure for the Rapid Analysis of Lewisite Metabolites in Urine by LC-ICP-MS
Mon 11:00 AM - Track 3: Chemical Warfare Agents
Stephen Donovan
Pennsylvania Department of Health
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We have developed an improved procedure for the determination of the metabolites of the chemical warfare agent Lewisite L1 (trans-dichloro(2-chlorovinyl)arsine) in urine by LC-ICP-MS. This analysis procedure is a modification of a method developed by CDC for analysis of CVAA in urine by LC-ICP-MS. The CDC method sums the concentration of both species to assess the exposure to Lewisite L1. This modified method utilizes hydrogen peroxide to convert CVAA to CVAOA following regular sample processing that improves the precision of the analysis since only a single species (CVAOA) is quantified to find the total amount of the L1 metabolites.