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MSACL 2019 US Exhibitor


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IsoSciences, LLC is a world leader in the synthesis of stable isotope labeled vitamins, steroids, drug substances, metabolites and other compounds of interest. IsoSciences is ISO9001 certified and has an extensive catalog of stable isotope labeled standards available for immediate delivery both as solids and as CertiMass™ exact concentrations solutions. IsoSciences has added over 200 new products over the past year including an extensive range of <sup>13</sup>C<sub>3</sub> labeled steroids, Vitamin D metabolites, <sup>13</sup>C<sub>7</sub>-Vitamin B<sub>12</sub>, <sup>13</sup>C<sub>6</sub>-Vitamin K2 MK4,MK7 and MK9.

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