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MSACL 2019 US Exhibitor

Kura Biotech

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We create biotech products better and differently to be a force of good to the world.
Kura Biotech is a Chilean biotechnology company that, motivated by generating a positive impact in the world and driven by a limitless spirit, has become the world's largest producer of enzymatic reagents for drug detection. Now we are adopting that expertise in proteomics analysis by developing superior enzymatic tools to streamline sample preparation workflows enabling scientists to overcome challenges all over the world. Don't miss Finden's brand B-One enzyme, the best and most reliable beta-glucuronidase in the forensic and clinical toxicology market. It allows incredibly fast, clean, and convenient glucuronide hydrolysis at room-temperature for high-throughput compatibility. An All-In-One reagent, stabilized in reaction buffer and stable for 12-weeks at room-temperature. Simply combine the urine sample, internal standards, B-One, mix and inject. Easy as 1-2-3!