MSACL Exhibitor

MSACL 2019 EU Exhibitor

UTAK Laboratories

Booth: 25

At UTAK, we’re proud to call ourselves “control freaks”, but not in the way you might think. That’s because our obsession lies not in taking control but in giving control—to the testing labs that need the finest quality control materials for their clinical and forensic toxicology test methods. Our close-knit group crafts the quality controls these labs depend upon for every kind of analysis, including a wide range of comprehensive stock controls in urine, serum, blood, oral fluid and more, as well as starting matrices for laboratories seeking to develop in-house quality control material. We also create personalized control solutions to support the new methods these labs develop. Our dedication is grounded in our belief that better control for testing labs leads to more accurate results and ultimately, to better safeguarding of health and safety standards.