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MSACL 2019 EU Exhibitor

Cambridge Isotope Labs

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Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. is the world leader in the manufacture and separation of stable isotopes and isotope-labeled compounds. CIL and Euriso-Top (a European subsidiary of CIL) offer highly pure compounds that are uniformly or selectively enriched in 13C, 15N, D, 18O or 17O. CIL’s labeled reagents are used in proteomics, metabolomics, metabolism, and environmental applications for quantitative mass spectrometry.

Our products include MRM PeptiQuantTM assay kits, SILAC protein quantitation kits, media and reagents, 99% enriched amino acids, Mouse Express® Lys 13C6 and 15N mouse feed and tissue, 15N spirulina, intact labeled proteins, growth media for protein expression, cell-free protein synthesis products, environmental contaminants standards for ultra-trace analysis, steroids, acylcarnitines, drug metabolites, nucleic acids, lipids and carbohydrates. CIL has cGMP capabilities; a majority of substrates can be manufactured to Q7A compliance.