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Kura Biotec

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Growing clinical tox-lab? Thinking of adding more centrifuges, more technicians and more HPLC / LCMS to keep up with growing demand and turnaround time? ... Before that ... have you actually streamlined and scaled-up sample-prep? ... Discover how BGTurbo™ FLASH HYDROLYSIS and FLASH SAMPLE PREP cuts your hydrolysis bottle-neck while securing 90% upstream hydrolysis recovery, codeine included. ... HYDROLYZE.ANALYZE. Your DOWNstream quality and accuracy relies on your UPstream hydrolysis recovery. ... The top toxicology labs in the US, Australia and Europe trust Kura Biotec®´s enzymes for consistent, fast, accurate screening and quantification of conjugated drugs and xenobiotics. What are you waiting for? Step on the BGTurbo™ fast-train and ride away!