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MSACL 2020 US Exhibitor

HTX Technologies

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HTX Imaging is dedicated to the ongoing advancement of molecular imaging technologies, with a primary focus on sample preparation devices for mass spectrometry imaging. Our MALDI matrix sprayers, the <b>HTX TM-Sprayer</b> and the <b>HTX M5 Sprayer</b>, are the only MALDI matrix deposition devices on the market to offer heated matrix deposition. HTX also produces the <b>HTX Sublimator</b>, which offers reproducible, solvent-free matrix deposition for the highest resolution MALDI imaging. We have also expanded our product line to include the <b>SepQuant dropletProbe</b>. The <b>SepQuant dropletProbe</b> allows for fully automated liquid-surface extraction of analytes for further analysis in an HPLC-MS detector. The <i>in situ</i> sampling technique eliminates sample preparation steps, while fully utilizing the powerful analytical capabilities of an HPLC-MS system. Please come and visit our table at MSACL 2019!