MSACL Exhibitor

MSACL 2020 US Exhibitor

Beckman Coulter

Booth: 08

Beckman Coulter is a global leader in laboratory automation and liquid dispensing technologies aimed at improving sample management, lab efficiency, and throughput. Their Biomek system offers fully automated mass spec-specific sample prep applications for Vitamin D, Biologics Bioanalysis (BioBA), ethanol metabolites and illicit drug testing. The Echo acoustic liquid handler, used in ADME Tox screening, is ideal for assay miniaturization with dispensing capabilities as low as 2.5 nL. Their easy-to-use software interface and data tracking capabilities facilitate sample management, project tracking and data analysis. Moreover, the software is setup to enable compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines for regulated environments.

Visit us at booth 8 to discover how assay miniaturization and lab automation can accelerate your progress.