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Affinisep offers ready-to-use BioSPE™ kits specially developed for various applications in proteomics (peptide desalting, peptide fractionation, glycopeptide enrichment, intact protein purification, removal of magnetic beads after SP3 procedure) or metabolomics. All our BioSPE™ kits offer real flexibility of formats and capacities since they are available as StageTips, Spin columns, Cartridges or 96 Well Plates for high throughput, to best meet your needs.
BioSPE™ kits are based on our unique Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) technology, made of small sorbent particles densely packed in a uniform and mechanically stable membrane with no dead volume, that has demonstrated excellent reproducibility for the efficient extraction of analytes with high recovery yields.
Affinisep was founded and has continued to operate for over a decade on the principle of manufacturing high quality and innovative sample preparation kits to simplify your procedures and help you achieve reliable results.