MSACL Exhibitor

MSACL 2023 Exhibitor

Kura Biotech

Booth: 25

At Finden by Kura Biotech, we create biotech products better and differently to be a force of good to the world. We are a Chilean biotechnology company, motivated by generating a positive impact in the world and driven by a limitless spirit.

Finden is the largest producer of enzymatic reagents for drug detection globally. Don't miss our latest recombinant enzyme for drug testing, B-One, the top choice for beta-glucuronidase in forensic and clinical toxicology laboratories. It ensures rapid, clean, and convenient glucuronide hydrolysis at room temperature, ideal for high-throughput analysis. With its "all-in-one" formula stabilized in its buffer, just simply mix B-One with the urine sample and internal standards for a streamlined hydrolysis. Easy as 1-2-3!

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