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MSACL 2023 Exhibitor

Calibra Diagnostics

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Calibra Diagnostics is the leading provider of diagnostics solutions using mass spectrometry in China. With its world leading metabolomics platform and multi-omics data-driven strategy, Calibra aims to identify novel prognostic as well as diagnostic biomarkers and translate them into clinical practice. Calibra has developed a full spectrum of mass spec related products including China’s National Medical Product Administration (NMPA) cleared mass spectrometers, sample preparation accessories and consumables, and NMPA cleared DISIGNS IVD Reagents. Calibra has one of the largest College of American Pathologist (CAP) accredited clinical mass spec labs in China. With the network of DIAN Diagnostics, a leading IVD Solution provider in China, Calibra has served over 20,000 clinical institutions nationwide.

DISIGNS, a Joint-Venture formed by Calibra and SCIEX in 2017, is now a leading in Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) solution provider for clinical mass spectrometry in China.