Accelerating the Implementation of Mass Spectrometry in the Clinical Lab



The MSACL Organization

Style Guidance

Definitions and Terms

Authors should provide a table with All abbreviations and acronyms contained in the manuscript.

In general, spell out integer numbers up to ten, unless followed by unit specification.

There is a nearly ubiquitous problem in mass spectrometry publications. It is frequently the case that the isotopically labeled internal standard is not well-specified, morphine D3 for example. The problem is that this does not uniquely specify how the internal standard is labeled. For example, there are many different possible labeling schemes that result can all result in three deuteriums in the molecule. The same goes for most labeling methods (13C4, 15N2, etc.) In almost all cases there is more than one combination of labeling positions that can result in the same overall degree of labeling.

  1. Authors should completely describe the isotopic labeling scheme, including what specific sites in the molecule are labeled.
  2. Authors should list the isotopic purity of the labeling.