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AACC is an approved provider of continuing education for clinical laboratory scientists licensed in, but not limited to, the states of California, Florida, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

MSACL 2015 US Short Courses

TypeTitleCreditsActivity #CA Activity #
Short CoursePractical LC-MS Maintenance and Troubleshooting7956008-1500-956
Short CourseDetection of Pathogens By Whole-Cell MALDI-TOF MS and Advanced Proteomics Approaches7957008-1500-957
Short CourseBreaking up with Excel: A Newbie's Introduction to the R Statistical Programming Language14958008-1500-958
Short CourseDevelopment and Validation of Quantitative LC-MS/MS Assays for Use in Clinical Diagnostics14959008-1500-959
Short CourseGetting Started with Quantitative LC-MS/MS in the Diagnostic Laboratory14960008-1500-960

MSACL 2015 EU Plenary and Scientific Sessions

TypeTitleCreditsActivity #CA Activity #
PlenaryMass Spectrometry as Metrological Anchor in Laboratory Medicine-- A Meandering River0.75961008-1500-961
PlenaryThe Celluar Uptake of Pharmaceutical Drugs is Transporter Mediated and is thus a problem not of Biophysics but of Systems Biology0.75962008-1500-962
PlenaryWhy Patients Adore Mass Spectrometry0.75963008-1500-963
PlenarySteriod Metabolomics as a Discovery Tool0.75964008-1500-964
PlenaryInnovative Instrumentation and Methods for the Identification of Intact Proteins in Mixtures and for Sequence Analysis of Antibodies and Posttranslationally-Modified, Intact Proteins on a Chromatographic Time-Scale0.75965008-1500-965
Session 1Track 11.25966008-1500-966
Session 1Track 21.25967008-1500-967
Session 1Track 31.25968008-1500-968
Session 1Track 41.25969008-1500-969
Session 1Track 51.25970008-1500-970
Session 2Track 11.25971008-1500-971
Session 2Track 21.25972008-1500-972
Session 2Track 31.25973008-1500-973
Session 2Track 41.25974008-1500-974
Session 2Track 51.25975008-1500-975
Session 3Track 11.25976008-1500-976
Session 3Track 21.25977008-1500-977
Session 3Track 31.25978008-1500-978
Session 3Track 41.25979008-1500-979
Session 3Track 51.25980008-1500-980
Session 4Track 11.25981008-1500-981
Session 4Track 21.25982008-1500-982
Session 4Track 31.25983008-1500-983
Session 4Track 41.25984008-1500-984
Session 4Track 51.25985008-1500-985