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Special Issue Development

Advances in MS Instrumentation: The Present and Future of the Clinical Lab

Guest Editor(s) : Chris Chouinard & Phil Mach
Submission Deadline : 01 Oct 2021

Innovations in mass spectrometry instrumentation over the last several decades have led to significant improvements in sensitivity, resolution, throughput, and ease-of-use. One of the major beneficiaries has been the clinical lab, where mass spectrometry-based methods have become the gold standard for quantitative analysis. Continued technological innovations in areas such as mass analyzers, ionization sources, associated techniques (i.e., chromatography, ion mobility, etc.), and informatics approaches serve to fuel the future of MS in the clinical lab. This Special Issue will highlight some of the newest advances in these categories, with a focus on how such advances might benefit the clinical lab in the near future.

Clinical Mass Spectrometry in China

Guest Editor : Michael Chen and Wei Guo
Submission Deadline : 31 Dec 2021

This special issue will focus on the advancement of clinical mass spectrometry in China and Chinese speaking communities. MSACL Asia Outreach Committee aims to further collaborative development of new technologies and strengthen our involvement in Asia-Pacific region through sharing of expertise and educational activities. This Special Issue hopes to provide updates and insights into emerging application of mass spectrometry in the Asian context. Submissions from authors in China, as well as contributions from other countries concerning advances in mass spectrometry in Asia, are welcome.

From Garrod to Data Science: Laboratory Diagnosis and Science of Metabolic Diseases

Guest Editor : Consolato Sergi
Submission Deadline : 31 Jan 2022