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So, you've completed your content. Congratulations! Now it's time to send that gem in for review and upload consideration.

What we need from you:

(1) the content, and
(2) a signed license release that allows us to distribute your content on the web, but doesn't take the ownership away from you. It's your work after all!

Please label yourfile(s) in the following manner:
[year][month][day]_[your last name]_[brief title summary]
Ex. 20170331_Herold_Intro_to_Proteomics_Part_1.mp4

Please label your LICENSE release form file(s) in the following manner:
[year][month][day]_[your last name]_[brief title summary]_release_form
Ex. 20170331_Herold_Intro_to_Proteomics_Part_1_license_release.pdf

Please contact Chris Herold at [email protected] for a file upload link.

Placement of Your Video on the MSACL Website

Once your content has been received it will be reviewed for quality and content, and then placed on the website. The expected review period is not expected to exceed two weeks.