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Troubleshooting Poster Rounds

We are looking forward to two Troubleshooting Poster Rounds (TPR) sessions at MSACL in Palm Springs.

The goal for the Troubleshooting Poster Rounds is to have an informal interaction between the entire group of troubleshooting poster presenters and the reviewers. If other conference- goers join in, all the better. There are no firm guidelines for this session, but the idea is for the presenters to give a 3-5 minute summary of their poster to start off the discussion. Tell us about the problem you encountered, and how you went about troubleshooting. The interaction is meant to be collegial, not critical, with the goal of attendees learning from your experience and you learning from any insight the group can contribute. Troubleshooting Poster Rounds and other Practical Training events at MSACL are designed to promote networking and education in the clinical mass spectrometry community.

There will be Two Sessions in the Exhibit Hall:

Tuesday 19:00 - 20:00

Charge Wars of Ion Suppression - Awakening the Force for the Analysis of Estrogens in Clinical Research
Robert Wardle
Waters Corporation
Metformin Interference in LC-MS/MS Analysis of Plasma Methoxycatecholamines
Marianne Bergmann
Lillebaelt Hospital
Fat Loving Vitamins the Struggle is Real
Matthew Crawford
Is your internal standard pulling its weight? Top tips for clinical research method development
Stephen Balloch
Waters Corporation
What Happened to My Topiramate?
Magdalena Rajska
SPADIA Lab, a.s.
Inconsistent Performance of Two Similar Instruments during Method Transfer: Towards Implementation of Apolipoprotein Quantification in Clinical Routine
Mervin Pieterse
LUMC Leiden

Thursday 16:45 - 17:45

Evaluation of Surrogate Matrices for Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Calibrators by LC-MS/MS Method
Bei-bei ZHAO
KingMed Diagnostics
Low Extraction Rate of 6-Methylmercaptopurine in RBC
Soo Young Moon
Seoul National University Hospital
Autosampler Tray Troubleshooting Tales
Kristine Van Natta
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Troubles with Water (Troubleshooting High Glycine Background Signal)
Zlatuse Clark
ARUP Laboratories