Accelerating the Implementation of Mass Spectrometry in the Clinical Lab


Job Posting

LC-MS Scientist

Company:NIH / NIDDK
Location:Bethesda, MD
Position:LC-MS Scientist


The NIDDK Clinical Mass Spectrometry Core Laboratory (CMSC) supports clinical research within NIDDK by providing quantitative mass spectrometry facilities. The CMSC develops, validates and measures samples for studies using LC-high resolution/accurate mass MS, LC-triple quad MS, Isotope ratio MS, and GC-MS.
We are looking for candidates at the MS or PhD Level with a degree in science (Minimum GPA: 3.0) and experience in chemical and analytical laboratory work. Experience with clinical samples is not required.

The following skills are desired:
Ability to conceive, organize and carry out applied research directed towards expanding scientific knowledge and understanding of measuring biomarkers in human specimens.
Aptitude to review scientific literature, formulate research plans, conduct laboratory experiments, interpret and evaluate results and other findings, and write reports describing the results and conclusions.
Ability to interact with clinicians to discuss projects.
Experience with HPLC, GC, and MS instrumentation is required.

Applications should be emailed to Peter J Walter, Ph.D. ( as soon as possible. The application should include a curriculum vitae or resume, citizenship status and two letters of recommendation on letterhead (letters by E-mail are sufficient and should be sent directly).