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Senior Scientist - Proteomics

Company:Talus Bio
Location:Seattle, WA
Position:Senior Scientist - Proteomics


Talus Bio is an early-stage drug discovery company located in Seattle, WA that partners with pharmaceutical companies to discover and develop cutting-edge therapeutics for gene regulation.

We are seeking a Senior Scientist to join our team in a full-time role. The scientist will work in a small team setting to develop and improve our platform for drug discovery of gene regulators. We are looking for a technology leader interested in developing and applying new proteomics technologies to solve complex biological problems who are interested in working in a fast-paced, innovative, early-stage biotech environment.

-Experimental design and laboratory execution of biochemical and mass spectrometry-based assays including proteomics data processing, visualization, and biological interpretation
-Protein isolation from mammalian cells and peptide preparation for mass spectrometry
-Routine usage of Thermo Orbitrap mass spectrometers with HPLC separation and high-throughput quantitative proteomics methodologies
-Mass spectrometry data analysis using bioinformatics software including R and/or Python
-Conduct independent research and demonstrate scientific leadership within the project team and across departments; Collaborate with all the functions within the Company to advance our science
Accurately document experiments and results in electronic laboratory notebooks in a timely fashion
-Maintain a safe and productive laboratory environment
Prepare and present experimental results, analysis, and plans in R&D meetings



-The successful candidate will have a PhD with 0-3 or BS/MS degree with 5-7 years of industry experience developing and analyzing quantitative mass spectrometry proteomics assays
-Familiarity with proteomics raw data processing, interpretation, and visualization
-Familiarity with Thermo instrument software (XCalibur, Tune) as well as Skyline
-Experience with LCMS method development, maintenance, and troubleshooting
-Understanding of best-practices for proteomic sample handling and preparation
-Ability to deliver complex results to teams of diverse scientific backgrounds
-Ability to work effectively and collaboratively on cross-functional projects teams
-Excellent oral, presentation, and written communication skills

-Experience working with Data-Independent Acquisition (DIA) proteomics data
-Familiarity with AWS cloud data processing pipelines and/or the WDL or NextFlow computational biology pipeline languages
Familiarity with cancer biology and/or drug discovery

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