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Business Development Manager

Company:The Metabolomics Innovation Centre
Location:Remote, Canada
Position:Business Development Manager


The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC) is a Genome Canada Science and Technology Innovation Centre (STIC) operating within the University of Alberta. TMIC is widely regarded, both at home and abroad, as Canada’s national metabolomics core facility. In addition to providing key databases and software to the global metabolomics community, TMIC has developed strengths in quantitative metabolomics, and is leading an active program in metabolomics technology development automation. TMIC provides access to these technologies through collaborations with researchers and fee-for-service work for clients. The Centre is a geographically distributed, fully integrated, multi-node network consisting of four laboratories on various university campuses.


The Business Development Manager (BDM) is a key member of the organization, reporting directly to the 3 Scientific Codirectors and the Operations Manager of TMIC. The Business Development Manager leads the identification and development of service and commercial opportunities leveraging the Centre's technologies. The BDM fosters relationships with industry partners and academic clients and liaises with all TMIC Nodes, TMIC Administrative staff, and Research Services and Technology Transfer units to ensure successful coordination of revenue opportunities. The incumbent is responsible for the development and negotiation of new commercial and service opportunities to support the overall growth and sustainability of TMIC as a service, technology development and research hub. The BDM also supports outreach and marketing activities for TMIC as a whole.

The BDM's main roles and responsibilities include developing new service and business opportunities, identifying new target markets and customers, and developing and leading outreach efforts. In additional creating new business opportunities the BDM will maintain existing client relations, and in coordination with the TMIC Node Leaders and TMIC Node Managers develops and negotiates new partnerships, research agreements and service opportunities with academic, government and industry clients with the objective of supporting service revenue growth and long-term client relationships. The BDM will explore and create opportunities for additional revenue through the generation or support of spin-off companies, strategic partnerships, funding mechanisms, commercialization of TMIC products, and licensing revenues, and works with TMIC host institutions on negotiating associated agreements.

The BDM will assist TMIC Node Leaders with presenting TMIC’s research and services to end-user communities at conferences, workshops, symposiums and business meetings with the ultimate goal of creating new opportunities for revenues. They will develop and execute outreach activities aimed at securing new business opportunities, such as coordinating workshops and webinars; work with TMIC Node Managers to develop, refine and implements new procedures and strategies for client management and outreach; work with the Management Committee to identify and develop strategic plans for growth and sustainability; work with Node Leaders to ensure services and supporting information is kept up to date on the website. The BDM also works with the Communications Coordinator to use TMIC’s social media platforms to market and advertise services and new technologies.

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