MSACL Presenter Biography

Jean-Philippe Charrier

Jean-Philippe Charrier is a biological engineer from Compi├Ęgne University (France), with a multidisciplinary background in biology, biochemistry, mathematics, physics and chemistry. He is currently Senior Research Fellow at bioMerieux, in the proteomics and mass spectrometry research lab, Technology Research Department, Innovation and System Unit. Since 1995, he develops proteomics research at bioMerieux, mainly in prostate and colorectal cancer and in microbiology. During the last years he contributed to the development of the Vitek-MS platform for microbiological identification using MALDI-TOF and to the development of protein quantitation using Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM). Jean-Philippe Charrier proposed the use of Cubed MRM (MRM3) for improving the specificity and the sensitivity of MS assays in complex matrix.