MSACL Presenter Biography

Mary F Lopez
Thermo Fisher

Mary F. Lopez, PhD Director, Thermo Fisher BRIMS Biomarker Research Initiatives in Mass Spectrometry Dr. Lopez is currently Director of the ThermoFisher BRIMS (Biomarker Research Initiatives in Mass Spectrometry) Center in Cambridge, MA where she is in charge of developing comprehensive, MS-based workflows from sample preparation to bioinformatic analysis for robust biomarker discovery and clinical validation. Previously, Dr. Lopez held positions as Strategic Collaborations Leader and Analytical Proteomics Business Leader at PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences in Waltham, MA and Executive Vice President of Proteomics Research and Development at Proteome Systems. Since 1989, Dr. Lopez has worked in the fields of proteomics, mass spectrometry and clinical research and served as Vice President of Proteomics R&D at Genomic Solutions Inc., Director