MSACL 2017 EU Abstract

System Suitability Tests Part 1: Introduction to System Suitability Tests

Michael Wright (Presenter)
LGC, Drug Development Services

Bio: Mike is a principal scientist overseeing method development projects and driving scientific strategy for the Drug Development Services division at LGC. Over the past 17 years Mike has worked with quantitative HPLC and Mass Spectrometry services within CRO, hospital and university laboratory sectors both in the UK and in Australia. With a focus on biomarkers, he has been involved in the development of clinical assays for the fields of new-born screening, gastro-intestinal permeability, the investigation of metabolic disease, endocrinology and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Authorship: Mike Wright
LGC, Fordham, UK

Short Abstract

System Suitability Tests (SST) are a valuable tool for ensuring data quality in clinical diagnostic testing. The information gleamed from running an SST prior to analysis can dictate whether a batch of samples is run and, if not, acts as an immediate troubleshooting guide. Additionally it provides data over time to determine preventative maintenance required to develop a robust platform. Focussing on LC-MS/MS this talk will cover creating an SST material, a number of different SST strategies and deciding on acceptance criteria.

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