MSACL 2017 EU Abstract

Basics of Sample Preparation - Remaining Unfazed while Your Analytes Move from Phase to Phase

Judith Stone (Presenter)
Univ. of Calif. San Diego Health System

Bio: Judy Stone is the Senior Technical Specialist in the Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, Univ. of Calif. San Diego Health Center for Advanced Laboratory Medicine. Her research interests are in mass spectrometry method development and automation for clinical toxicology, therapeutic drug monitoring, and endocrinology. She teaches a short course twice yearly on “Getting started with quantitative clinical liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry” at the Mass Spectrometry Applications for the Clinical Laboratory meetings in the United States and Europe. She serves as Chair, Board of Editors for the Mass Spectrometry Feature Series, Clinical Laboratory News.

Authorship: Judith Stone
Univ. of California, San Diego Health Center for Advanced Laboratory Medicine

Short Abstract

Sample preparation for LC-MSMS is often thought of as a necessary evil. The topic is complex and there is conflicting advice about what technique to use. The default choices are dilution and protein precipitation because of their ease of use. This presentation will discuss how to proceed when a more complex and/or expensive sample preparation protocol than those defaults is under consideration. Proceeding step-by-step through an example, the goal is to demystify for the new user the processes of selecting, evaluating, comparing, optimizing and performing pre-validation studies with the common LC-MSMS sample preparation protocols used for small molecule quantitation.

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