MSACL 2018 US Abstract

Topic: Practical Training

LC Basics Part II: Troubleshooting and Staying Productive, or Up a Creek? Pick a Paddle

Autumn Breaud (Presenter)
Johns Hopkins University

Bio: Autumn Breaud has managed the technical operations for the Johns Hopkins Clinical Chemistry Reference Laboratory of Dr. William Clarke since 2007. During that time, the laboratory has grown from a single-instrument single-assay operation to a full-scale clinical reference and research operation.

Authorship: Autumn Breaud
Johns Hopkins University

Short Abstract

In part II of this session, we will introduce diagnostic tools commonly used to troubleshoot LC systems, including pressure trace analysis and lot check-in record-keeping and review. We will then introduce the six most common LC problems observed in our production laboratory and how to determine them.

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Conclusions & Discussion

At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to identify the most commonly-observed LC system problems and determine troubleshooting steps to restore system function.

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