MSACL 2018 US Abstract

Topic: Cannabinoids

A Sustainable LC-MS/MS Testing Platform for K2 Synthetic Cannabinoids

Jeffery Moran (Presenter)
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Bio: Currently, I am the Chief Executive Officer of Pinpoint Testing, LLC. Previously, I obtained my Ph.D. in 2001 and learned business management skills as a toxicological consultant at the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC. I also worked for 15 years as the Branch Chief for Environmental Chemistry at the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH). In 2009 I obtained concurrent employment status as Associate Professor in the Colleges of Public Health, and Medicine, at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. I collaborate closely with several UAMS faculty members on projects related to detecting and defining the mechanisms of P450 metabolites of warfarin, biotin, acetaminophen, and drugs of abuse.

Authorship: Jeffery H. Moran (1,2)
(1) University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and (2) PinPoint Testing, LLC

Short Abstract

The objective of this study is to validate a high-throughput analytical method for quantifying low levels of synthetic cannabinoids (SCBs) in human blood. The fully-customizable 96-well plate ToxBox® uses supported liquid extraction (SLE) to streamline sample preparation (<30 min) of high priority SCBs and over 100 potential confounding drugs. Fast LC-MS/MS procedures (< 7 min) also meet data quality objectives established for forensic and clinical applications and provide a high level of precision that enable low levels of quantification (< 1 ng/ml). Case studies presented as part of this study demonstrate utility in identifying specific metabolic products and provide insight for understanding the clinical consequences of SCB exposure, while controlling for potential confounding drug effects.

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SalaryyesPinPoint Testing, LLC
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