MSACL 2018 US Abstract

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Potential New Approaches for Quality Assurance Monitoring : Part 3

Lorin Bachmann (Presenter)
Virginia Commonwealth University

Bio: Dr. Bachmann is Associate Professor of Pathology and Co-Director of Clinical Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center. Her interests include development of national clinical laboratory practice guidelines and implementation of LCMS methods in the routine clinical laboratory.

Authorship: Lorin Bachmann
Virginia Commonwealth University

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Current method validation protocols and quality assurance programs may be insufficient to identify sample-specific interferences that contribute to erroneous results. In this 20 min session, examples will be provided to demonstrate how new approaches to quality assurance monitoring may be used to identify potentially inaccurate results. Learning objectives include: 1)Explain why LCMS/MS methods are not immune to sample-specific influences and review sources of sample-specific errors, 2)Explain concepts around cluster ion monitoring as an indicator of ionization effectiveness, 3)Show how cluster ion monitoring can be used as a QA monitor, 4)Participate in a 5 min brain storming session on ways to improve QA monitoring strategies.

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