MSACL 2018 US Abstract

Topic: Practical Training

Developing a Curriculum for Training_II

Shannon Haymond (Presenter)
Northwestern University

Authorship: Faye Vicente, Judy Stone, Shannon Haymond

Short Abstract

This is the second segment of a 60 min workshop session that will involve short lectures and small-group work on how to develop an effective training curriculum for clinical mass spectrometry assays. In this segment, small groups will work through development of a training curriculum. This includes defining training activities, learning resources, and competency assessments for a given learning objective.

Long Abstract

After receiving background in session Developing a Curriculum for Training_I, each group will work to develop components of a training curriculum for an aspect of a MS lab operation (e.g., LC troubleshooting). Given the topic and associated learning objectives, each group will (a) describe the training activities or resources, (b) identify methods/media that would serve as training content, and (c) develop ideas for competency assessment.

A faculty facilitator will collate the information into a template, which will be shared and discussed in the following segment. Participants should bring a laptop, tablet or smart phone to most actively participate in this session.

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