MSACL 2018 US Abstract

Topic: Practical Training

How to Achieve Lower Quantification Limits : Part 1 : Foundations

Russ Grant (Presenter)

Bio: Personal affinity with anyone who offers to buy me a Guinness or Angels Envy bourbon and a firm believer that the phrase "that's too much bacon" should be struck from the common lexicon

Authorship: Dr Russ Grant

Short Abstract

This one hour session will be given as three 20 minute linked vignettes and will explore established and novel approaches to definitively improve analytical measurement performance - with the end goal of improving assay LLOQ. Part 1 "Foundations": Basis of LLOQ, signal:noise, lossless systems, and practically determining and improving measurement precision. Part 2 "Formulation": Getting the most out of your assay and system components, LC and preparative orthogonality and demystifying the black box after the LC via signal manipulation, smoothing and quadrupole resolution. Part 3 "Finesse": Tying the pieces together with assay exemplars.

Long Abstract


The obvious, the weird and the plain surprising things you can do to improve your assays..not just at the assay LLOQ. I will be giving away some tricks that truly differentiate the good from the great (IMHO).


many tips and techniques will be described - all translatable to your own laboratory setting


lower limits of quantification - proven

Conclusions & Discussion

If its worth my bio and comply?

References & Acknowledgements:

I would like to acknowledge the fantastic scientists that I have had the pleasure of working with in my team over the many years in clinical diagnostics, in particular, their incredible efforts to validate and prove that quality and scientific rigor means something.

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