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MSACL 2020 US : Ketha

MSACL 2020 US Abstract

Topic: Practical Training

Podium Presentation in Room 6 on Wednesday at 9:00 (Chair: Hema Ketha / Deborah French)

Mastering Mass Spectrometry in the Clinic – Cases and Chronicles

Hema Ketha, Jennifer Colby

Presenter Bio(s): Hema Ketha is the technical director and discipline director of clinical toxicology at LabCorp's Center for Esoteric Testing in Burlington, North Carolina.

Authors: (1) Hema Ketha and (2) Jennifer Colby
1 Center for Esoteric Testing, LabCorp, Burlington, North Carolina, Department Pathology, 2 Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee.


Session Description:

Mass spectrometry is often used to delineate clinical problems wherein objective diagnosis can be otherwise challenging. This session will be taught via case examples that exemplify how fundamental analytical concepts in mass spectrometry facilitate and/or drive clinical decisions. The session will be presented in three 20 minute sections focused on clinical endocrinology and toxicology cases. Each case will also be used to teach the audience a clinical case study pearl. The attendees will be able to translate the knowledge gained in this session into clinical practice. Each case will be presented with a quiz in the end that will involve an audience polling session.

Take Home Pearls:

The clinical endocrinology cases will highlight specific biochemical regulatory pathways and demonstrate how principles of mass spectrometry can be leveraged in a dynamic clinical setting. The clinical toxicology cases will teach the audience to leverage multiple MS platforms that are often used orthogonally including GC-MS, LC-MS/MS and LC-HRMS for identifying the causative agent in drug overdose cases and in prescription drug monitoring settings.

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