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MSACL 2020 US : Cox

MSACL 2020 US Abstract

Topic: Microbiology

Podium Presentation in Room 3 on Thursday at 11:00 (Chair: Chris Cox)

Practical Training: On the Utility of Clinical Mass Spectrometry for Microbial Diagnostics

Chris Cox (Presenter)
Cobio Diagnostics

Presenter Bio(s): Dr. Chris Cox’s research interests center on microbial identification, diagnostics development and MALDI-TOF MS with an emphasis on novel fatty acid and bacteriophage-based mass spectrometric methods of microbial analysis and antibiotic resistance profiling. Dr. Cox has over a decade of experience in the fields of pathogen ID, phage biology and modeling of bacterial GI tract colonization and virulence.

Authors: Chris Cox
Cobio Diagnostics


Clinical microbiology has been revolutionized by mass spectrometry, which has dramatically improved accuracy and overall performance in the diagnostic laboratory for microbial identification. More recently, mass spectrometry is also being used to confront the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance. How does it all work? What are the challenges, successes and failures driving this exciting and rapidly expanding area of clinical mass spectrometry? We invite you to join in an overview and discussion that will describe the practical application of current approaches and explore emerging new technologies.

Significant leaps forward. Microbial protein profiling by MALDI-TOF MS has achieved widespread adoption because it allows rapid identification of bacteria, mycobacteria, yeast, and molds, in less time and at less cost than conventional methods. FDA- cleared, benchtop MALDI TOF instruments from Bruker and bioMéreiux have transformed microbial diagnostics from a collection of laborious tests requiring several days into a streamlined process accomplished in only hours. Find out how these approaches are drastically shortening testing times and significantly improving patient outcomes.

Mass spectrometry at the cutting edge. New approaches are enabling mass spectrometric diagnosis with even greater accuracy while also allowing for genotypic and phenotypic antibiotic resistance determination. What are these new technologies and how can they be brought to bear on the increasingly lethal superbugs impacting human health?

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