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MSACL 2023 : Jordan

MSACL 2023 Abstract

Self-Classified Topic Area(s): Metabolomics

Podium Presentation in Steinbeck 2 on Thursday at 10:40 (Chair: Daniel Globisch / Emma Guiberson)

Abstract withdrawn by presenter on March 27, 2023
Low Plasma Glutamine is Associated with Poor Outcomes in a Cohort of Acute Heart Failure Patients

Helen Jordan, Sarir Sarmad, Toru Suzuki, Leong Ng
University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom

Helen Jordan, BSc (Presenter)
University of Leicester

Presenter Bio: Hi, my name is Helen and I am in my final few months as a PhD student at the University of Leicester. My PhD thesis is titled "Investigation of novel metabolomic biomarkers of heart failure". I have pursued two different biomarkers in my PhD. One amino acid and one lysophosphatidylcholine. Both of these I have discovered in untargeted work and then progressed onto quantifying them in a large clinical cohort of heart failure patients.
In April, when my thesis is finished, I will be moving across the Atlantic to join the Thomas lab at the University of Minnesota for 6 months. Here I will use proteomics for the first time, as my PhD has been predominantly metabolomics with a little bit of lipidomics.


This abstract has been withdrawn from presentation.

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