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MSACL 2023 : Hoofnagle

MSACL 2023 Abstract

Self-Classified Topic Area(s): Proteomics

Podium Presentation in Steinbeck 1 on Wednesday at 14:40 (Chair: Zuzana Demianova / Xin Cong)

Metrologically Traceable Quantification of Three Apolipoprotein E Isoforms in Cerebrospinal Fluid

Andy Hoofnagle
University of Washington

Andy Hoofnagle, MD, PhD (Presenter)
University of Washington

Presenter Bio: Dr. Hoofnagle's laboratory focuses on the precise quantification of recognized protein biomarkers in human plasma using LC-MRM/MS. In addition, they have worked to develop novel assays for the quantification of small molecules in clinical and research settings. His laboratory also studies the role that the systemic inflammation plays in the pathophysiology of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


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