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MSACL 2024 : Buchan

MSACL 2024 Abstract

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Podium Presentation in Colton on Thursday at 16:00 (Chair: Jacqueline Hubbard)

Cross-Platform LCMS Method Transfer

Ryan Pearce, Greg Buchan, and Timothy Collier
Quest Diagnostics Cardiometabolic Center of Excellence at Cleveland Heart Lab

Gregory Buchan, PhD (Presenter)
Quest Diagnostics

Ryan Pearce, PhD (Presenter)
Quest Diagnostics

Presenter Bio: Scientist with a multidisciplinary background in analytical chemistry, pharmacology, and immunology. Earned a BS in Chemistry from the University of Akron and PhD in Molecular Pharmacology from the University of Pittsburgh. Dissertation focused on inhibiting inflammation in viral-induced pneumonia with electrophilic fatty acids and understanding their role in dendritic cells. At Quest Diagnostics my focus is on cardiovascular disease and the development and optimization of LCMS and other assays to measure biomarkers related to cardiovascular inflammation.


There are many times in the clinical laboratory setting in which LC-MS/MS methods need to be transferred from one system to another. As equipment is updated or becomes obsolete, new platforms need to be tested and validated to ensure harmonized, accurate, and high-quality results can still be reported. This presentation highlights case studies for both large and small molecule LC-MS/MS method transfers across LC-MS/MS platforms, especially focusing on the migration from one vendor platform to another, the trials and tribulations one may encounter, and how these opportunities may be utilized to improve quality and optimize workflows for laboratory personnel.

Attendees of this practical training session may expect to gain an understanding of the need for continual improvement; learn potential pitfalls and troubleshooting techniques in cross-platform method transfers; and learn how to optimize method performance an update laboratory practices.

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