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MSACL 2024 : Garcia

MSACL 2024 Abstract

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Podium Presentation in De Anza 1 on Wednesday at 14:10 (Chair: Peter Verhaert / Livia Eberlin)

Intra-operative Mass Spectrometry in Neurosurgery

Diogo Garcia, MD (Presenter)
Mayo Clinic

Presenter Bio: Dr. Garcia earned his medical degree from Faculdade de Medicina at the University of Porto, Portugal. As a medical student in Portugal, Dr. Garcia was involved in basic research with a particular focus on cancer and immunology. His dissertation, written on the role of the immunological and genetic context of colorectal adenoma, was selected as one of the five best abstracts submitted to the 2019 European Congress of Pathology in the digestive pathology category.

While still a medical student, Dr. Garcia first joined Dr. Quinones-Hinojosa's team during his surgery clerkship for a one-month period. Since finishing his medical training in July 2019 and returning to the team, Dr. Garcia has focused his research primarily on awake craniotomies and pituitary tumor resections. He aspires to contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge in the field of neurosurgery and to one day become a neurosurgeon.


With the emergence of powerful intra-operative imaging and diagnostic adjuncts, surgery and in particular, neurosurgery has become more personalized and precise with a focus on maximizing resection and minimizing deficits, while generating real-time data that can enhance therapeutic efforts. The use of MS, including DESI-MS can serve as a bridge between the lab and the OR by providing near real-time feedback to guide surgical decision making and generating tumor-specific profiles that could enhance diagnosis and prognosis. Here, we share our experience in low- and high-grade gliomas providing a real scenario of its use and potential in the future.

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