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MSACL 2018 EU : Varela Coelho

MSACL 2018 EU Abstract

Topic: Proteomics

Podium Presentation in the Ether on Thursday at 14:30 (Chair: Stefan Zimmerman)

Omics Approaches Towards Discovery of Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Ana Varela Coelho (Presenter)

Presenter Bio(s): In 1998, I have started my first research project involving proteomics and changed my research field for mass spectrometry based biological applications, namely on omics approaches. I had coordinated several proteomics projects involving the study of host pathogen interactions. More recently, my research has expanded to the use of other omics approaches involving the discovery of biomarkers for early TB diagnosis and the characterization of Staphylococcus epidermidis infection mechanisms.
I have published more than 100 papers in scientific peer-reviewed journals (H index = 27).
I am Head of the Proteomics of Non-Model Organisms Lab at ITQB, New University of Lisbon (Portugal). I received my PhD in 1998 from the University of Évora (Portugal) where I was an assistant proprofessor. I have started implementing the MS Facility at ITQB NOVA in 2002, which I coordinated till 2013.

Authors: R Conde1, M Bento1, R Laires1, Anjos S2, C Barroso3, M Villar4, R Macedo5, MJ Simões5, P Lamosa1, PL Fernandes6, Manadas B2, M Matzapetakis1, AV Coelho1
1ITQB NOVA, Oeiras, Portugal; 2CNC.IBILI, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal, 3CDP Almada-Seixal, ARSLVT, Portugal; 4CDP Venda Nova, ARSLVT, Portugal; 5INSA, Lisboa, Portugal; 6IGC, Oeiras, Portugal


Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease with worldwide presence and a major cause of death in several developing countries. Current diagnostic methodologies often lack specificity and sensitivity, whereas in some cases it takes a long time to obtain a conclusive result. Four metabolites and four proteins were selected as potential biomarkers of TB infection using NMR based metabolomics combined with differential proteomics. These biomarkers are strong candidates for the development of a clinical test.

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