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MSACL 2018 EU : Ruhaak

MSACL 2018 EU Abstract

Topic: Proteomics

Podium Presentation in the Ether on Wednesday at 15:10 (Chair: Tim Collier)

Defining the Measurands for Antithrombin and its Proteoforms Using Mass Spectrometry Based Techniques

Renee Ruhaak (Presenter)
Leiden University Medical Center

Presenter Bio(s): Renee Ruhaak is a passionate analytical scientist with a strong interest in the application of novel technology to better understand changes in physiology associated with states of health and disease. She obtained her PhD from Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands and subsequently did a post-doc at the University of California, Davis, after which she became an assistant professor, first at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, but soon moved back to the Leiden University Medical center to join the department of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.

Authors: L. Renee Ruhaak[1], F.P.H.T.M Romijn[1], N.P.M. Smit[1] J. Nouta[2], M. Pieterse[1], Y.E.M. van der Burgt[1,2], M. Wuhrer[2] and C.M. Cobbaert[1]
1 Department of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands and 2 Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands


Current medical tests for antithrombin deficiency generally measure the overall activity, being blind for the actual proteoforms of AT that contribute to the test. Here, we present an MRM-based test that allows for the identification and quantification of clinically relevant proteoforms of AT according to predefined analytical performance specifications, as well as the characterization of AT candidate reference materials using high-end proteomics strategies. This now enables further unravelling of the individual contribution of the different AT-proteoforms to AT activity test results, which is a first and crucial step in understanding the value of the current AT tests offered in the clinical laboratory.

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