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MSACL 2018 EU : Grenga

MSACL 2018 EU Abstract

Topic: Microbiology

Podium Presentation in the Ether on Wednesday at 11:00 (Chair: Simon Cameron)

Phylopeptidomics: A Step Closer to Adopting the Microbiome Data into Clinical Practice

Lucia Grenga (Presenter)

Presenter Bio(s): I am a highly motivated and accomplished scientist, possessing both a strong background in genetics and molecular microbiology and extensive expertise in multi-omics data generation and analysis.
As Senior Research Associate at the John Innes Institute (UK) I applied cutting-edge systems biology techniques based on next-generation sequencing and proteomics to probe previously unexplored aspects of bacterial ribosomal regulation.
I recently joined the CEA Laboratory “Innovation tecnologique pour la Détection et la Diagnostic” (FR) where my research activity focus on the characterization of the human microbiome and, through the application of innovative tandem mass spectrometry -based approaches, on the development of improved methodologies for diagnosing and treating microbiome related diseases.

Authors: L. Grenga, G. Steinmetz, O. Pible and J. Armengaud
CEA Marcoule, DRF-Li2D, Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France


By influencing a variety of host processes, the microbiome plays a crucial role in human health and disease. Here we present the application of an innovative tandem mass spectrometry -based approach to the study of the microbiome structure and dynamics. Named phylopeptidomics, this new strategy allows the rapid identification of the components of the microbiome, assessment of their biomass contributions, their deep functional characterization and the simultaneous identification of the resistance arsenal and/or toxin production of the present organisms. Coupled with metabolomic analyses, the phylopeptidomics methodology could drive, through a better understanding of the host-microbiome crosstalk, to the development of new diagnostic tools and/or therapeutic strategies.

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